Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm fond of unusual animation, and I'll share a few interesting cartoons here in today's post.

First, here is one of my favorite commercials from my childhood, featuring the voice of Ken Nordine, who gave us Word Jazz and Now Nordine.

Next, here are a couple excellent examples of music videos from Sally Cruikshank, whom I saw at Webster University back in 1986 (I think Julie Mell was with me). Cruikshank has a friendly presence on YouTube. First, enjoy this catchy song:

Then admire this, one of Cruikshank's very early works:

Next, you can admire this patriotic short cartoon from the mid-1970s. Ah, the Bicentennial:

And here, some of my earliest encounters with the music of Phillip Glass were provided by the PBS program Sesame Street:

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