Monday, September 20, 2010

Podcasts and iTunes-U

I listen to podcasts pretty regularly. In fact, podcasts and iTunes-U probably get more of my listening time than radio.

Here are the four podcasts I listen to most often:

Focus 580. This is better than any of the national interview and talk show formats on NPR (I can't stand to listen to those, because the public call-in questions tend to be so annoying). The calls they take on Focus can also be annoying, but they sometimes aren't, and the hosts, David Inge and Celeste Quinn, are extremely good.

Le Show with Harry Shearer.

Planet Money, on NPR.

State Week in Review on WUIS with iTunes-U.

I also listen to these sometimes:

Performance Today.
This American Life.
Sound Opinions.
Fresh Air.
Media Matters.
Faith Matters.
Brookings Audio Events.
Swarthmore College Featured Events.
The UIS ECCE Speakers Series.
Podcasts from the University of Oxford.

Since I have a 40-45 minute commute each way on days when I ride my bike to campus and back home, I can usually get in a couple episodes each day, and then I often go to bed at 11:00 or midnight and listen to a podcast as I fall asleep. When I'm doing work that doesn't require much language thought (like editing photographs or making a photo album) I'll also listen to podcasts when I'm not listening to music.


Jonathan said...

Stefanie and I enjoy listening to Dan Savage's Savage Love podcast.

Eric Hadley-Ives said...

Thanks for the tip. I used to read Savage Love in the Riverfront Times when I lived in Saint Louis. I'll have to check that out.

Julia said...

Hey cuz! Just checking out your blog. I'm also a huge fan of Fresh Air. I think I'm going to be listening to lots of podcast to stay connected with news and culture in the US while I'm living in Cape Town. Will definitely check out some of the other ones on your list...

Hope all is well!