Tuesday, December 20, 2005

December 20

Yesterday was a fairly slow day. It was too cold. I think it was -15 C when I woke up.

Went to the office to try finishing up grading student papers. There are still a few in my on-line course who haven't turned anything in for the final assignment. I'm waiting.

Went to a party for some friends from the Philosophy Department. Met Gary and Karen, Nathalie, and Eve (Peter's wife), as well as John from the philosophy department. It was a good scene and I was enjoying myself, but after only 30 minutes I had to come home and take the family to the Cub Scout pack meeting. Arthur carried the pack flag in, which is a big honor for a Tiger Cub Scout. The pack meeting was fun.

Last night I wrote a long post to Talisman9, a newgroup listserve I read regularly.

Today (the 20th) I'm helping clean up the house and prepare some gifts. While sorting photographs I came across some good pictures of old friends. There was a nice image of Henry Lee, a high school friend who died of brain cancer who died about six years ago. The photograph was taken at my sister Jennell's high school graduation. I'm glad Henry's family keeps in touch with us.

I'll spend the afternoon in the office finishing up some loose ends from the Fall semester (I hope the students have turned in their final assignments), and get to work on the courses I'm teaching next semester. I also must remember to buy a car battery. I've given up on maintaining my older car (a 1988 Honda Accord with 163,xxx miles), as it would cost thousands to make it nice and I'd rather just save for a different car. My grandfather's car (1995 Honda Accord), however, get's good care (over $1000 worth of good care this month!) We've had it since 2000, when my grandparents died. Anyway, if I don't get a new battery for it soon, one of these mornings I won't be able to start it.

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