Saturday, January 19, 2008

Troop 3 at Klondike Derby

This weekend, with temperatures down between -11 and -19 Celsius, most people remained indoors. Yet, over a hundred of us from all over Central Illinois were camping at Camp Illinek. The boys had a lot of fun trying to demonstrate their skills and solve various problems at stations around the camp. From troop three we had four boys participating: Jack, Johnny, Matt, and Mike. Here are some photographs of the guys enjoying the day.

The key to having fun and staying comfortable in such temperatures is to dress appropriately. If you're wearing enough warm clothing and wearing it correctly you can feel quite good in such temperatures. Sleeping in such weather is another matters. It's not as easy to stay comfortable when you're not moving.

The first image shows Jack mashing up the pancake the boys prepared at one station. They started a fire with sparks from a flint and quickly had a little flame they fed with tiny sticks until the fire was large enough to cook a pancake.

The second images shows all four boys making it across an imaginary river using a couple boards and some logs.

The third image shows Matt, Johnny, and Mike as they start to take down a little tower they built to keep themselves above the ground where an imaginary flood was threatening.

The fourth image shows Jack guiding Johnny through a maze. Johnny is blindfolded, and must rely on Jack's oral commands.

The fifth image shows Mike starting out across a rope bridge the boys made.

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