Friday, December 05, 2008

Gronland Records

I was looking for a way to buy an old album by Conrad Lambert, who now goes by his professional name Merz as a singer-songwriter, and I came across a record label out of the UK that carries some interesting music and produces some fun videos. This is Groenland Records, (Grönland Records), which in addition to distributing some music by Merz, has an association with Anton Corbijn (who made that movie Control about Ian Curtis of Joy Division).

Anyway, they have some fun videos on their channel at YouTube. I recomend checking out...

Don't Weigh Me Down.
Fujiya & Miyagi Collarbone. (I've always wanted to make a movie like this with my children's art)
And the sort of thing I was actually looking for, videos by Merz, like Presume Too Much and Postcard from a Dark Star (which seems to have some distortion in the sound).

While I'm on the subject of fun videos and music, check out Rory McLeod's Farewell Welfare or his interesting video montage for his song The Singing Copper (a song for friends in law enforcement or criminal justice).

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