Thursday, December 13, 2007

Biking in Springfield

I'm going to post some photo blog entries now. A couple years ago when I started this blog it was difficult to add photographs, but it seems that things have been improved.

I'll start with six images from a bike hike Boy Scout Troop 3 (of the Abraham Lincoln Council) took on September 15th of 2007.

We have at the top two images of Sebastian and Oliver riding along the bike trail that leads from Springfield to Chatham. This trail starts quite close to our home, so we enjoy riding this route from April through November, when the weather is fair.

The third image shows Lake Springfield. You can notice a Great Blue Heron hunting for fish and frogs in the lake.

The fourth image shows Robert Warren and Bradley, as they bike over a bridge on the bike trail.

The final image shows a sunflower I noticed along the bike trail.  There were several in bloom in mid-September.

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