Thursday, December 13, 2007

Camp Cilca

 Sebastian and I went out to Camp Cilca with Troop 3 again, as we have done these past few years.  
Two years ago the night temperature was in the single digits (about 18 degrees below freezing in Celsius), and last year the temperature went into the upper teens (about 11 degrees degrees below zero in Celsius).  The cabins at Cilca have no insulation, and there are many cracks and gaps between the boards that make up the walls.  There are also no bathrooms aside from the chemical toilets about 60 meters away from the cabins.  So, those past couple years were too cold.  On the other hand, both previous years there was deep snow to make sledding quite enjoyable.  
This year, for the third straight year, we had snow again, and sledding was possible. The snow was more like a thin glaze of ice and snow, and we had freezing rain and an ice storm with only a few hours of dry weather in which to enjoy a game of capture the flag.
Here are some pictures of Jim, Jared, Sebastian, and Kody.

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