Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Season

Just as we do at Thanksgiving, our family drove down to St. Louis for Christmas, arriving on Friday evening the 21st. When we arrived there was a halo around the moon, which we took as a good omen.

Nick, my nephew was in town, and we spent some time with him on Saturday and Sunday. He is 15 years old now. He's three years older than Sebastian, almost seven years older than Arthur, and about ten-and-a-half years older than Dante. You can see the four of them lined up in two of the photographs I've uploaded here.

It was good to see Nick again. We last met him in New Jersey in the summer of 2006, just before my brother David moved his family back to California. I always remember Nick when he was only about two months old, and he came to our wedding. As I recall, we stood right in the area where the boys are standing in the pictures here. Nick was the smallest guest.

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