Monday, September 08, 2008

Family Art

In our undergraduate program at the university we try to encourage students to take a couple upper-division art courses. When I was in college I can't remember taking any courses that were specifically about art. I had components of art and popular culture as significant topics in many of the courses I did take, but I never took courses like ceramics or photography (I did learn to use a dark room in high school and did some black & white photography then).

Over the past years I've put up some web pages with images of art created by myself, my wife, or our children. There are five pages up now. These are:

A page with some works by myself and Chun-Chih.
A page with some of Arthur's early work (and an abstract oil painting I did in high school)
A page with Sebastian's early drawings.
A page with Arthur's third grade work.
A page with some assorted works by Sebastian, Arthur, and me.

Some of the work is pretty interesting. I like Chun-Chih's versions of the Van Gogh Paintings.


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